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I’ve had many people ask me over the years the best way to fix laminate worktops. There are instances where people have dropped something on their kitchen worktops and the laminate has dented or scratched. This looks even worse on Hi-Gloss worktops and there is not that much you can do about it.

I was fitting new kitchen worktops a few weeks ago and as part of it we have to remove the old kitchen worktops and I saw something that I hadn’t seen before. The worktop was a laminate worktop which had been damage and the customer I was re-fitting for came up with an ingenious idea. They had tiled over the damaged area and had been using it as a cutting board. I thought this was a great idea and thought I would share it with every one

If you want to do this you will need to bit a little handy though. its not just a case of stick some tiles on top of your work surface as the tiles sticking out may not be very hygienic and it may be possible to cut yourself on them.

So the best way to do it is to router out a square section, The best way to do this get some 15 mm strips and use some double sided table to make a square on your worktop which will work like a worktop jig/template. This will allow you to grove out a small area about 5mm deep very neatly. Now you have an area to place and fix your tiles using grout. The picture above shows a number of tiles but you may wish to use just one big one.

Bare in mind though that even though you will have grouted to the edges of the grove water may still be able to get under it so just be careful if you are doing it in area next to the sink otherwise the laminate will blow.

I think this is a great way to prolong the life of your worktop, and if its damaged anyway why not just give it ago. If you have any other ideas on how to repair/hide Kitchen worktops please let me know in the comments´╗┐

October 9, 2010 at 7:50 am | Worktops | No comment

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